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The Power 
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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Brand Development

Do you want to launch a winning Cannabis brand or bring a new product to market? We can help


We've worked with over 100+ California retailers and can help get your products into the right hands

Sourcing Solutions

Bulk materials, Swag, Packaging, Manufacturing, etc. If you need it we can find it!



We want to help you succeed.

Who is Flower Force?


A team of California Cannabis experts who have experience in every facet of the industry. We combine business know how with deep rooted knowledge of the Cannabis marketplace. 


​We specialize in go to market strategies and increasing overall company sustainability. Our vast network includes Retailers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Cultivators, Distributors, and more.

In our individual careers we have worked with some of the biggest names in Cannabis as well as the majority of California retailers.


Let's elevate your company, reach out today for a complimentary consultation!  



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